Counting the top ten powerful people in Dragon Ball whose strength is a mystery


1: Beerus: Beerus, the most powerful boss in the early Dragon Ball era, had his power decline and was easily defeated by Dabura. His true power remains a mystery.

2: Master Roshi: Once the strongest martial artist on Earth, Master Roshi's true strength remains unknown.

3: Grand Kai: In Dragon Ball Z, Grand Kai displayed power that surpassed Super Saiyan Goku. His true power remains a mystery.

4: Dyspo: Dyspo defeated Fused Zamasu and his power seemed to surpass Beerus, but his full strength remains unknown.

5: Grey Jiren: Called the strongest fighter in the Power Tournament, Jiren's true power remains a mystery.

6: Toppo: In the preview of Dragon Ball Super episode 104, Toppo defeated Jiren and overpowered Ultra Instinct Goku. His true power remains unknown.

7: Whis: Whis, one of the most formidable characters, has not revealed his true power.

8: Zen-Oh: The highest authority in Dragon Ball Super, Zen-Oh's true power remains unknown.

9: Grand Priest: Referred to as the strongest warrior in Universe 12, the Grand Priest's true power has not been revealed.

10: Zen-Oh's attendants: Their true power remains unknown. These powerful characters in Dragon Ball Super have yet to unveil their true strength.


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