RATE THE MUSIC: Character Select Edition


This article focuses on rating the music of character select screens in video games. The character select screen is an essential part of any video game, allowing players to choose their preferred character before embarking on their gaming journey. While often overlooked, the music that accompanies these screens plays a crucial role in setting the tone and creating an immersive experience for players.

The author begins by acknowledging that character select music is often overshadowed by the more prominent game soundtracks. However, they argue that these tunes deserve recognition for their ability to enhance the gaming experience. The article sets out to rate and evaluate some of the most iconic character select screen music in video game history.

The first track on the list is the character select music from the legendary fighting game Street Fighter II. The author describes it as "epic" and praises its ability to get players pumped up and ready for battle. They highlight the track's energetic melody and driving beats as key factors in capturing the excitement of the game.

Moving on, the article explores the character select music from the multiplayer shooter Overwatch. Here, the music is described as "uplifting" and "heroic," complimenting the game's diverse cast of characters and their heroic missions. The author appreciates how the music seamlessly blends different genres, giving each character a unique musical identity.

Next up is the character select music from the classic role-playing game Final Fantasy VII. The author refers to it as "nostalgic" and reminisces about the impact it had on players during its release. They note how the music perfectly encapsulates the sense of adventure and wonder that defines the Final Fantasy series.

The article then shifts focus to the character select music from the platforming masterpiece Super Mario 64. Here, the author commends the music for its playful and whimsical tone. They credit this track for setting the lighthearted mood and drawing players into the colorful world of the game.

Finally, the article concludes by emphasizing the importance of character select music in creating a memorable gaming experience. It recognizes the role of these tunes in evoking emotions, setting the stage, and allowing players to connect with their chosen characters.

In conclusion, this article rates and evaluates the character select music from various video games, highlighting their importance in enhancing the gaming experience. It acknowledges the ability of these tunes to capture the essence of the game and create a lasting impact on players.


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