I'm Finally Playing Jin...and he's CRAZY - TEKKEN 8 Closed Beta


Tekken fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the highly anticipated Tekken 8, and lucky players have recently had the opportunity to participate in the closed beta test of the game. One of the most exciting new additions is the inclusion of the character Jin, who has proven to be an absolute powerhouse.

Jin, known for his unique fighting style and complex combos, is even more formidable in Tekken 8. Players have been blown away by his devastating moves and the sheer intensity he brings to the game. He has truly lived up to his reputation as a "crazy" character.

The closed beta test allowed players to experiment with Jin and discover his new abilities and techniques. Many players have found that he has undergone significant changes compared to his previous iterations in the Tekken series. His moves are more fluid and seamless, making him even more lethal in combat.

Jin's new moveset includes a variety of powerful strikes and aerial attacks that allow for incredible combos. His signature Electric Wind God Fist is now even more devastating, with lightning-fast punches that can easily catch opponents off guard. Additionally, his Mishima Style 10-Hit Combo has been revamped and now packs an even greater punch.

Players have also noticed that Jin's Rage Drive and Rage Art have undergone some changes. His Rage Drive, which previously had a low power level, has been upgraded to have a more powerful impact on opponents. This makes it a formidable tool in Jin's arsenal and a game-changer in intense battles. His Rage Art, a super move that can turn the tide of a match, has also seen improvements in terms of both damage and speed.

Jin's overall gameplay has been described as explosive and exhilarating. His speed and agility make him a formidable opponent, and his flashy moves are a sight to behold. However, mastering Jin's complex moveset requires a high level of skill and precision, making him a challenging character to play.

Despite his complexity, many players have expressed their excitement and satisfaction with Jin's inclusion in Tekken 8. The closed beta test has given them a taste of what to expect in the full game, and it seems that Jin will be a force to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, Tekken fans have been thoroughly impressed with Jin's performance in the closed beta test of Tekken 8. His new and improved moveset, powerful strikes, and flashy combos have made him an incredibly exciting character to play. With his reputation as a "crazy" character being fully justified, players are eagerly anticipating the release of Tekken 8 to fully immerse themselves in the intense battles that await.


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