RATE THE SUPER: Granblue Fantasy Versus - Rising


Title: RATE THE SUPER: Granblue Fantasy Versus - Rising

Granblue Fantasy Versus, a popular fighting game based on the hit mobile RPG Granblue Fantasy, introduces a new character in their latest update: Rising. This article assesses Rising's super move and rates its impact on gameplay.

Rising is a powerful melee fighter with an aggressive playstyle, making their super move an essential aspect of their kit. The author begins by highlighting the aesthetic appeal of Rising's super, which combines stunning visuals and intense action. The animation is described as beautifully rendered, capturing the essence of Rising's character and personality.

Moving on to the gameplay mechanics, the article emphasizes the effectiveness of Rising's super move in combat situations. The super is praised for its versatility, allowing players to initiate devastating combos or turn the tide of battle. Rising's super move unleashes a barrage of lightning-infused strikes, overwhelming opponents and dealing significant damage. Additionally, the move possesses a unique property that allows players to extend combos and juggle opponents in the air, providing various strategic options.

The author also discusses the input ease for executing Rising's super move. While some supers in the game require complex input sequences, Rising's super has a relatively straightforward input command, making it accessible to players of all skill levels. This accessibility is appreciated, as it allows newcomers to quickly grasp the character's potential without getting discouraged by complex inputs.

The article delves into the move's balance and potential drawbacks as well. As the super move deals high damage and possesses useful properties, it is crucial to assess its overall balance. The author suggests that although Rising's super is a strong tool, it does not seem to have any glaring weaknesses or imbalances that would make it overpowered. Instead, the move fits well within Rising's playstyle and contributes to their effectiveness as a melee fighter.

In conclusion, the article rates Rising's super move as a valuable asset, both in terms of visual appeal and gameplay impact. Its stunning animation, versatility, accessibility, and balance make it a well-rounded super move, contributing to an enjoyable and strategic combat experience for players. Rising's super move undoubtedly adds depth and excitement to Granblue Fantasy Versus, solidifying the character's place among the game's roster of formidable fighters.


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